Natural Cork Flooring

Cork flooring can be supplied in either raw traditional cork tile format or engineered flooring format. Engineered flooring cork is available in many different styles and colours and is installed as a floating floor usually in one day, depending on the extent of the installation, as it is a uniclic pre-finished product.
The traditional cork tile flooring is install by applying a vapour barrier directly to the concrete substrate, a full trowel spread of adhesive is applied to the substrate and the cork tiles are then layed into the adhesive.

Following installation the raw cork tile flooring product is sanded and coated using 3 applications of your chosen coating, usually Polyurethane or Water Based coating. Stains and other coatings such as oil products are available.

Cork is a very warm, quiet and soft flooring product. Despite the softness underfoot, cork has a natural ability to rebound when compressed meaning that this flooring is not easily damaged.

Cork flooring will give your home a beautiful traditional finish with all the creature comforts that natural cork provides. More contemporary styles and colours are now also available.

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