Bamboo Flooring in Geelong

There are many bamboo products available in the market today ranging in price and quality and close inspection of all bamboo products must be made carefully. The Australian market has been flooded in recent years with a lot of sub-standard Bamboo flooring products which is why we only purchase from the most respected Bamboo suppliers in the industry.

Bamboo is an ecologically sustainable product, while being totally environmentally friendly. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet growing at an amazing rate. The plant will reach full maturity between 5-6 years as compared to a hardwood tree being 50 years plus.

As bamboo is a grass not a wood, it has the wonderful renewable ability to regenerate itself after each time it’s harvest requiring no re-planting. Bamboo has amazing physical and mechanical properties, its strength and hardness exceeds our top hardwoods grown in Australia. Not only is the mechanical strength of bamboo amazing but it is also resistant to insects especially termites.

The best part is that Bamboo flooring is a very price effective option as compared to most timber flooring products.

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